Southwest Airlines Employee Rally 
RedPeg! - 2019

Experience Designer

Worked closely with over 15 internal divisions of Southwest Airlines to create their 2019 Rally;
- Consumer Research,

- User Journeys/User Psychology

- 2D Floor Plans,
- 3D Art Director (materials, colors, and lighting),

- 3D Designer w/ Team

- Sourcing Airline Facts

2019 Southwest Airlines Employee Rally
Every year SWA puts on a rally for their employees to celebrate them, the year, and the future. In 2019, I was the experience designer in charge of concept and layout for each division being represented. The event took place in 3 cities with average 4k in attendance resulting in a resounding success.
Design and produce the 2019 SWA Rally.
SWA Employees love dancing, drinking, and supporting each other.
Time Lapse Footage of Employees Entering
Floor Plan Layout
Culture & Safety Concept and Reality
Photo Op Wall (Production Sketch, 3D Concept Render, and Reality)
Customers' Booth Trivia/Game Show (This was an employee favorite)
SWA Activity Lawn
2019 Rally Dance Floor
Internal Initiative  & Digital Experience Walls
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