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Gay Pride Festivals & Parades  
Between 2017-2019

Designed Pride Experiences for D.C., NYC, SF, Atlanta, and Miami.

In my experience thus far I created Pride experiential for multiple brands including; 
- TD Bank booths and activities,

- hims booth and photo experiences,
- Coke Pride experiential, and

- Capital One Café spec work.

Booths, Activities, and Photo Ops
TD Bank has been a staple in the Pride community during events and parades for many years. During the 2019 Pride season, starting in Miami then moving North for D.C. Pride and NY Pride, we created experiential engagements around the line "Be You Here." These included a map pin that allowed for guests to write and add where and with who "You feel like you can be yourself," and take photos at two different photo opportunities before posting on social media with #ForeverProud, populating on a social screen that updates in real time.
hims Photo Experience + Swag
hims approached us to create a booth for their San Francisco Pride activation. Using their existing tongue and cheek method for conveying Erectile Dysfunction medicine we created a series of Cockti (pun intended) to get the conversation started about ED in the Gay community. Along with a successful photo op, we created a metallic rainbow temporary tattoo that had people seeking out the booth, wrapping the line around the block.
Drink With Pride (2017)
Coca-Cola has a significant presence during Atlanta Pride, this year we saw a movement within the LGBT+ community that included two new colors on the pride flag, black and brown. These colors symbolize the often forgotten people of color that helped kickstart the modern pride movement as well as those still facing hardships today because of the color of their skin. In 2017 I presented the idea to include these colors on the rainbow straw, and it was a success.
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