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Pokémon is One of my Life Pillars

Pokémon is LITERALLY the reason I learned to read.
One of my earliest memories is sitting on my dad's lap, his arms around me, and him reading what Nurse Joy was saying as I gave her my party of knocked-out pocket monsters. Now, PokémonGo takes up 25% of my phone screen time and I go on early morning excursions (dual wielding my fiancé's and my phone) to catch us something new.
I had the opportunity to concept, brainstorm, and create experiential engagements for a bespoke AR company that 
creates mobile games based in nerdy pop culture.
I'm not allowed to publicly share my work on those projects, but I would love to talk about the process and my role.

For now; here's an app extension I mocked up in my free time that shows what I think Pokémon Breeding would look like, if it existed in PokémonGo.
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