My name's Michael Musatow, but call me Moose if you want my attention. It's a good day as long as I'm constantly moving, just make sure there's snacks; I get hangry.
I'm an Experience Designer (XD) that uses 3D modeling and narrative design as the tools to solve complex brand problems. 
Applied media aesthetics showcases sight, sound, and motion (SiSoMo) as key factors of experiential design by examining multiple elements of SiSoMo. Coming from a background in theatre, 3D modeling allows me to stage products and experiences with control of the environment in the same ways I used to coordinate productions. As new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality become more prevalent we should learn to apply these principles.
If you don't find me at the VCU Brandcenter or my favorite coffee haunt, then I'm probably cosplaying some cool characters, hatching eggs in Pokémon GO, or at some event around town.