Southwest Airlines Employee Rally 
RedPeg! - 2019

Experience Designer

Worked closely with over 15 internal divisions of Southwest Airlines to create their 2019 Rally;
- Consumer Research,

- User Journeys/User Psychology

- 2D Floor Plans,
- 3D Art Director (materials, colors, and lighting),

- 3D Designer w/ Team

- Sourcing Airline Facts

2019 Southwest Airlines Employee Rally
Every year SWA puts on a rally for their employees to celebrate them, the year, and the future. In 2019, I was the experience designer in charge of concept and layout for each division being represented. With my team, we 30+ renditions of floor plans (2D and 3D), designed the the experiences for maximum fun and throughput, and organized line management systems for the engagements and catering. The event took place in 3 cities with average 5k in attendance with resounding success.
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Michael 'Moose' Musatow