AT&T Gets Into Gaming 
RedPeg! - 2018

Experience Designer

As avid gamer I had input into the concept and creation of the space;
- Consumer Research,

- 3D Floor Plans,
- 3D Art Director (materials, colors, and lighting),

- Animation, and

- Augmented Reality.

AT&T at ESL One & IEM
Before 2018 AT&T hadn't had a true presence in the gaming space. 
We were tasked with making a modern day, gamer haven that would attract young consumers to AT&T's physical presence at conventions and competitions. We created a veritable "control center" complete with unreleased games to play, an influencer meet and greet area, a VIP Lounge, VIP seating during the competition, our own mobile based competitions, an AR interaction, and an AT&T afterparty complete with AR cocktails.
AR Games & Cocktails
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Michael 'Moose' Musatow