Rooftop & Bar Takeovers 
RedPeg! - 2018

Creative Lead

Through many rounds of creative the team and I developed programming, engagements, and atmosphere/set for Coors and Somersby;
- Consumer Research,

- 2D Floor Plans,
- Site Checks/Visits,

- Concept Creation/Ideation

- Brand Centric Production

Bringing Rocky Mountain Vibes to Northern VA Bars
Coors light had a regional issue relaying their new brand and brewery changes on the East coast. As a test market for the concept of "Rocky Mountain Vibes" my team and I were tasked with bringing the Coors Light Experience to bars in Northern Virginia. We were vastly successful with over 15 separate engagements, complete with beer deals, photo opportunities, and of course, Rocky Mountain Vibes.
Bring "Rocky Mountain Vibes" to NoVA.
It only takes a little unexpected fun to impress a bar regular.
The Chill Zone
Eye-Catching Signage, Brand Ambassador Engagements, Custom Adirondack Seating, Photo Ops, and Premiums.
Shouting Hygge from the Rooftops
Somersby Cider falls under the Carlsberg umbrella of beverages, hailing from Denmark the current brand ideals revolve around the term "Hygge" (pronounced 'HUE' as in color and 'GUH' as in gum) meaning "Cozy" or "Happy". My team and I brought a slice of Denmark Hygge to the rooftops of New York City for a few of Somersby's biggest fans. The engagement was fully catered with bountiful photo experiences, fully stocked bar engagement, cozy atmosphere, and hygge focused entertainment.
Create a NYC style engagement for Somersby's biggest fans.
NYC style Hygge is all about the escaping the city, inside the city.
The Skylawn
City-Scape Backgrounds, Bountiful Photo Ops, Food, Recreation, and of course Somersby Cider.
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Michael 'Moose' Musatow