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KO:OP - Coke's Internal Creative Team 
Intern - 2017

Developed Experiential Creative w/in Coca-Cola's Porfolio

During my summer at the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia I worked on a variety of projects with the team at large including;
- Arctic Coke PoP,

- World of Coke Snapchat Filters,
- Dasani (Original, Sparkling, and Drops) Google 
  Express Banner ads,

- Coke Pride Experiential,

- smartwater premium takeaways, and

- Coca-Cola Banners.

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Point of Purchase Collateral
Sparking my love for true innovation, Arctic Coke is a modern take on the slushy. Keeping bottles chilled at exactly 31°F in the Arctic Coke Freezer allows the machine to instantly freeze the contents by sending an ultrasonic sound wave through the bottle, shaking up the molecules.
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Snapchat Filters
The World of Coke was experimenting with a new logo lockup to be debuted via geotagged Snapchat filters in and around the World of Coke building and experience. Filters included can designs with whimsical straws and fan favorite merchandise from the store.
Google Express Banner Ads
I created a series of interactive banner ads that were targeted towards online consumers. The banners went live and were seen by thousands during the online push for sales of Dasani, Dasani Sparkling, and Dasani Drops.
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Drink With Pride (2017)
Coca-Cola has a significant presence during Atlanta Pride, this year we saw a movement within the LGBT+ community that included two new colors on the pride flag, black and brown. These colors symbolize the often forgotten people of color that helped kickstart the modern pride movement as well as those still facing hardships today because of the color of their skin. In 2017 I presented the idea to include these colors on the rainbow straw, and it was a success.
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