AT&T Gets Into Gaming 
RedPeg! - 2018

Experience Designer

As an avid gamer I had input into the concept and creation of the space;
- Consumer Research,

- 3D Floor Plans,
- 3D Art Director (materials, colors, and lighting),

- Animation, and

- Augmented Reality.

Establish AT&T's gaming presence, starting with ESL One and IEM.
Esports stadium attendees crave experiences that fill the downtime between matches (30min-1hr).
Command Center Gaming Hub (Production Sketch, 3D Concept Render, and Reality)
Group Gameplay
AT&T Exclusive Mobile Contest
& Portable Charger Loans
High-score Leaderboard
& Premium Prizing
VIP Gaming Lounge w/ Branded Analog Activities & Exclusive Title Gameplay 
3D Animated AT&T Coins for Augmented Reality Cocktails (initial designs)
Exclusive VIP AR Game & AR Cocktail (in reality)
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Michael 'Moose' Musatow